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At a Future in Palma Del Rio last June, Soren Hess-Olesen beat Sam Bothwell in qualifying before retiring against elder brother Pete in the main draw.Denmark have been in Group II since 2016 and lost a promotion play-off last September to South Africa.

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While Ireland and Denmark have not faced each other since 2001, the players have clashed on tour.

These new rules will only apply to Group I and Group II this year but may be expanded to the World Group in future if popular.

Captains are also allowed to name five players in their squads, as opposed to the previous four, which Kenneth Carlsen (Denmark) and Conor Niland (Ireland) have duly done.

Each year students from around the world come to Denmark to pursue a quality education in a friendly, safe and innovation-driven environment.

What they gain is an excellent foundation for their future career within a wide range of educational areas, such as engineering, life sciences and social sciences.

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