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March sees a significant increase in average temperatures with high temperatures hitting 64°F (18°C) and average low temperatures measuring in at 44°F (7°C).Memphis Weather in April: The temperatures continue their steep incline in April as the average high and average low temperatures range between 73°F (23°C) and 53°F (12°C).Memphis Weather in November: As the last month of fall, November sees temperatures sinking quickly.

If you’re planning on paying a visit to the beautiful state of Tennessee, one of the things y0u absolutely must not miss out on are its festivals and outdoors activities.The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) provides several bus routes that serve the airport: MATA Bus #2 and #4 both go from the airport to downtown Memphis.There are many taxi companies at the airport as well as limousine companies.These activities are best enjoyed in the summer, which lasts from June through August.Meanwhile, the best month to avoid the tourist crowds in Tennessee is during the fall months.

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