Camping for adults in new england

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Beyond the prime real estate, Riga's solid list of extras includes a sturdy lean-to (sleeps six), two water sources (stream, pump well), and a relatively new outhouse courtesy of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

(Speaking of mountains, this locale makes a great base of operations for hiking nearby Bear Mountain.) Similar to Silver Hill, they it doesn't take reservations, and it definitely won't take your Diners Club card.

Holding tank pumpout service is performed on a regular basis at minimal cost.

There’s a solid focus on partying and nightlife here, including happy hours, dinner parties and marshmallow roasting at late-night campfires.The grounds include an indoor recreation area with separate lounge and game rooms, two utility buildings with hot showers and flush toilets, a shop for small projects or minor repairs, and a dumping station.There is a heated swimming pool, and lawn areas are maintained for outdoor games.Specifically, we picked two of the best under-the-radar campsites from each NE state.More: The Best Tourist Attraction In Every State Along the Appalachian Trail near Cornwall Bridge, the secluded Silver Hill Campsite (on Silver Hill, duh) provides great sunrise views of the Housatonic River, proximity to trails and other sights (St.

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