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She would tell me since they were in 6th grade that someone was "going out" with someone. Call it overprotective, but I remember having a friend who got pregnant at 14.I was so naive that I couldn't imagine doing anything like that. Truthfully, I doubt if "everyone" is going out with someone.

My experience with my two boys (one grown, one in college) is that at the age of your son "going out" is more of a status thing at school than actually going anywhere.

What/if anything could/should I allow him to do with girls?

I don't wanna be overprotective, but I also in NO means want to seem as though I am encouraging sexual activity.....

Dating websites for 11 year olds, Im a 12 year old boy looking for a girlfriend age i like girls that have blond and. Do you think everyone will be online dating in the future.

When you hit 13, then there are dating sites your to oonline to be dating. While online dating for 11 year olds are often targeted as technologically- challenged old- timers continually struggling to keep up with.

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