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A flowchart of this processing scheme is shown in Fig. The analysis process can be divided into three mayor blocks: Data compression, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data.

Table 1 displays relative computation times of the case study on synthetic data with respect to classical PCA (SVD).Interaction forces between the AFM oscillating tip and the sample surface can be kept in the 10 p N range, ensuring non-damaging observations.Beyond providing topography images by scanning XY axes, AFM through Z spectroscopy gives access to advanced analysis of tip-sample interactions and to rheological information like material elasticity and mechanical dissipation [7–9].The cantilever technology faces however difficulties to push further the frequency: the beam size of the laser used for the detection as well as the fabrication of the tip out of the plane of the cantilever limit its lateral dimensions to a few micrometers.For these practical considerations, the resonance frequency of AFM cantilevers is hard to exceed 5MHz in air.

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