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Das habe ich wertvollen Menschen zu verdanken, allen voran meiner Frau Sibylle und einer lieben Kollegin, die im Roman als Barbara auftritt.… Mittlerweile liegt es ferner denn je, nochmal aus dem Leben scheiden zu wollen.With a quick tap to grant them access to your Facebook page, combined with your behavior on the app itself, these companies have a truly staggering amount of information about each user.

Or a service that determines your chemistry with a potential match by considering your genetic code?

New technology promises to make the process of finding a date even weirder — a newly launched dating app called Flirt AR enables users to point their phones at the faces of the casual passers-by to see if they’re on the site.

One of Tinder’s co-founders that dating via virtual reality could “become a real interesting thing” in two to five years.

She turns to a circular device in her hand, “How will I know who he is? A robotic voice responds: “This is him,” and what appears to be a livestream of the man’s face shows up on the device. Their rapport is quick and flirtatious, albeit a bit nervous, stilted. Later, Amy debriefs her experience with her device.

She comes to the table; he gets up awkwardly, sending silverware skittering noisily across the floor. “Even your reaction to a brief encounter provides the system with valuable information,” the voice says.

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