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Due to Joe’s deception, there’s trust issues and all sorts of messy relationship drama for the couple to figure their way through.

But unlike other books with a similar theme, their relationship is angsty in an entertaining way rather than an emotionally draining way.

And in no time at all they're emailing up a storm, telling each other their deepest darkest secrets ... When it comes to love, serving it straight up works better than with a twist.

Alex Parks is not the kind of woman who acts spontaneously but after a few months of chatting to Eric online she decides to take a chance and surprise him at his bar. Eric has no idea who she is and it turns out that Alex has been confiding in Eric’s brother Joe under false pretences.

The man she thought she’d been talking to wouldn’t have been able to find the on-switch of a computer with a flashlight, and the man she’d been really talking to was his completely not-her-type-yet-utterly-gorgeous-and-built-like-Thor brother. My Eric, the beautiful man from the Internet, didn’t exist. Because the guy who’d charmed me with long, rambling emails about life and everything was a liar.

“I wondered how long it would take for this whole little adventure to turn into some funny story I told people. And everyone knew, you couldn’t trust a liar.” Utterly embarrassed and devastated by the meeting, she high-tailed it out of the bar as fast as she could, walking through the rain to get to the nearest hotel so she could book the first flight back to the safety of her home. Despite his undeniable mistake, he hadn’t been faking their actual conversations and he knew they had a connection and he was determined to at least show her how sorry he was.

She was having absolutely none of it until the consequences of her poorly times walk in the rain caught up with her and she came down with a nasty flu — giving Joe the chance to show his true colors.

The relationship between Alex and Joe was a fun one to read.And when it comes to love, serving it straight up works better than with a twist.True to Kylie Scott’s signature style, this was a FUN, SEXY, LIGHT-HEARTED romance rounded out by just the right amount of angst and feels! Alex spoke about you a lot, when we were emailing.” Joe winced, removing the phone from his ear for a moment as a particularly loud noise issued through the cell. I will never win you over with charm because I’m slime. Totally agree.” He started rubbing the back of his neck. For such a light-hearted book, I was quite pleased that things got surprisingly heavy and emotional towards the ending with a shocking event that blindsided them all.They’d met by chance online but had never seen each other in person but there was a catch — she thought he was his brother and he never bothered to correct her so when they finally met, she was shocked and understandably pissed. ” The man massaged his temple, making the muscles in his upper back move. All in all, this was a fantastically light-hearted and sexy love story about two people who couldn’t have been more opposite, who met by complete accident, and yet unexpectedly found that they were perfect for each other. But when he proved himself to actually be the good guy he knew she couldn’t see, she found herself unexpectedly falling for him… Joe’s brother had an account on a dating site, but when his computer illiterate brother wanted to shut it down, the task fell to him. I should never have done that to her, you’re right. Then he took an almighty big breath, letting it out real slow. You’re right, there’s no excuse for such a willful act of bastardly and I definitely deserve to be castrated and burn in hell for all eternity. If you’re looking for a great romantic comedy (with feels!!

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