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The facility is managed by the Epsom trainers society.There are 11 trainers who use the facility, including Simon Dow and Laura Mongan (the only female trainer at Epsom).The area is served by the Epsom Downs railway line as well as Tattenham Corner railway station which is where Queen Elizabeth II alights from the British Royal Train on race days.More than 80 years after he was shot dead after one of the biggest man-hunts in British criminal history, new details are emerging about Percy Topliss, the First World War's infamous Monocled Mutineer. Paul Mc Gann, who played Topliss in a 1986 BBC drama, has continued to study his life along with a team of historians.At Epsom on the famous racehorse 'Eclipse' had the first of his many victories in an undefeated career on the turf.In the summer of 1779 Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby organised a race for himself and his friends to race their three-year-old fillies. The race became so successful that in the following year 1780 a new race was added for three-year old colts and fillies - the Derby, widely known now as The Derby.

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Epsom Downs houses the third largest racehorse training facility in the country.Within a week, Topliss, who had changed back into his private's uniform, was confronted outside Plumpton, in Cumbria, and shot dead without a word being exchanged.Eight decades later many questions remain unanswered.Born in Derbyshire in 1896 to a working-class family, he had embarked on a life of crime by the age of 11 and was regularly in trouble before enlisting in 1914 in the Royal Army Medical Corps, serving as a stretcher-bearer in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt and India.He took to impersonating military officers, appearing as a lieutenant, captain or major, to cross whatever social divide he wanted.

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