Teen bisexual sex chat rooms

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According to this theory, the outcome of this classic unit is failure by the adolescent to resolve critical psychosexual issues, leading to the development of homosexual attractions and identity.

These figures suggests that most adolescents who might be experiencing same-sex attractions are reluctant to label themselves as GLB.For decades, researchers have asked the question of whether biological or social factors play the greater role in development of sexual attraction, without reaching a consensus.Freud's theory attributes homosexual development in males to a family unit in which the adolescent has a strong relationship with his mother and a conflicted hostile relationship with a domineering father.Over the past 10 years, the Internet has emerged as a significant resource for these adolescents, as they can enter chat rooms to network and share concerns with other teenagers who are GLB without having to disclose their identity.Although the teen may view anonymity as a benefit, the use of these Internet chat rooms can lead to risky sexual practices or even to sexual exploitation by adult predators.

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