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Make sure it doesn't have any paint excess (you don't store this on your other hand).

Relax your mimics, close the desired eye, and move the applicator from inside to outside of your lashes.

Apart from shadows you will need sponge tip applicators or flat thin brush.

A good-quality brush is much better to work with and it will last for a long time.

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Apply a little shadow on applicator and wipe the excess on your other hand between the stem of thumb and index finger.

It's important to get rid of any excess cause it may get into your eye, on your face, etc. Storing any material on your other hand is ideal – it's always at hand and you see how it looks on your skin.

I store there everything from foundation to eye shadow, during each step of makeup.

There are numerous products on market which promise amazing look, volume, etc.

Shake the mascara to stir the contents and slowly withdraw the applicator.

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