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It's a terrible arrangement that has undermined consumer trust in the UFC and Fox Sports alike. The UFC's broadcast deal with Fox ends in 2018 and the promotion is currently negotiating with new suitors in both traditional television and digital streaming services.

And of course, all of this weakens the supposed-to-be-premium content, as intriguing fights are routinely siphoned away from pay-per-view.The “goofing around” will soon turn into a full-time gig. Now he’s getting an opportunity to delve into the promoting world of the sport as Endeavor continues to operate the UFC operation.White used to be at the forefront of each and every UFC event.Ngannou has already said he wants the fight, and given that he seems to be the next big thing at heavyweight there would be no better way for the UFC to get him over the hump than a fight with Lesnar. He’s also big enough and strong enough to fend off takedowns, and with another six months to train takedown defense he’ll be more technically able as well. Here’s Dana White, telling the media that Mc Gregor may have enough money and may never want to fight again. It’s not that difficult to figure out why Mc Gregor would lace up a pair of boots instead of strapping on four ounce gloves. The history he leaves behind is a distant second priority to the most important thing in his life: making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, and retiring from combat sport with a healthy and vibrant brain. With the way the UFC is set up, there’s just no way to make as much in the Octagon as he can make in a boxing ring.Fights starts, Lesnar shoots a double, Ngannou stuffs it, Ngannou lands bombs until it’s all over. It will be an ugly loss for Lesnar, but it will come in a title shot nonetheless. Here’s the part where a story leaks about Mc Gregor being in negotiations with Manny Pacquiao, which is of course news to White. Combat sports is and always has been a launching pad for Mc Gregor. Being the richest fighter in the history of the sport is all well and good, but Mc Gregor has always planned for life after the lights go dim. And if there’s one thing we know about Mc Gregor, it’s that every step he takes has to be a big step forward.

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