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In Final Fantasy XII, Penelo can briefly be seen holding a pair of coins presumed to be gil, one silver and one gold, with unclear detailed markings on them.As he faces on with his last match against the strongest driver of Sidewinder, and probably his last match as a driver of Project D, his car engine blows a last time, leading till both cars spinning out as Shinji follows suit.With the tires of Takumi's 86 locking up, it sent Takumi's 86 into a spin. At this moment, with the experience gained from the engine blow in Akagi when going against the Evo III, Takumi instinctively presses on the clutch, freeing up the tires and regained control of the 86 momentarily.One of his greatest strengths is his ability to visualize the road in his head, thus making up for the lack of visibility no matter how dark the mountain pass may be.This only takes effect if he has driven on the road before, which was not the case in some of his later races.

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